Circularity Gap Report for Latin America and the Caribbean

The Coalition’s work has focused on supporting the development of tools and indicators to promote and measure the circular economy at the national, regional, and sectoral levels. In strategic collaboration with its partners, the First Circularity Gap Report for Latin America and the Caribbean has been developed, establishing a common baseline for assessing circularity in the region and identifying key sectors.

This report provides governments, organizations, and stakeholders with an understanding of where they stand in the transition to a circular economy, identifying areas for improvement and highlighting the alignment of efforts towards more sustainable patterns.

Results and impacts:

1- Provide an overview of the degree of circularity in the region.
2- Analyze the flow of materials in the economy and its influence on circularity.
3- Highlight opportunities for intervention in key sectors and value chains that can drive the transition to circularity and address inefficiencies in materials use.
4- Identify data gaps and ways to empower government and business decision-makers.
5- Launch a call to action based on the above analysis to set future agendas and targets.
6- Facilitate the exchange of information and best practices in circular economy among Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Download the report here.