The G20 Environment Ministers approved an environment communiqué

G20 members approved an Environment Communiqué articulated around biodiversity, including a focus on Nature-based Solutions; Resource Efficiency, and Circular Economy. The Communiqué notes the need to increase efforts “to address the interconnected challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution” thus echoing the framing of the UNEP MTS 2022-2025.

They acknowledge that resource efficiency and circular economy are important tools available for the achievement of sustainable development. They can contribute significantly to sustainable consumption and production and address climate change, biodiversity loss, land degradation, and pollution. Their vision is to drive forward actions in this area to help achieve the multiple outcomes outlined above and contribute to the achievement of SDG 12 and other relevant SDGs.

To achieve this vision, they encourage: innovation, design, and manufacture to ensure product longevity, enable repair, reuse, and recycling, and other value retention approaches, sustainable use of natural resources, minimize waste and emissions, regenerate ecosystems, sustainable supply chains, and create sustainable and socially inclusive business models, under national priorities and policies

Actions by all stakeholders to fulfill these objectives must be encouraged. The G20 members stand their commitment to a just and equitable transition to sustainable economies, leaving no one behind, whilst taking into account the different levels of development and capacity of countries.

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