The idea of ​​the Circular Economy Coalition for Latin America and the Caribbean responds to the great interest and initiatives on circular economy promoted by governments, the private sector, research institutes and other social actors, as well as by the multiple initiatives of regional and international organizations that provide technical support on innovation and circular economy approaches.

The Circular Economy Coalition’s main objectives are to create a common regional vision and perspective with an integrated and holistic approach, to be a platform for sharing knowledge and tools, and to support the transition to the circular economy with a life cycle thinking approach.


To provide a regional platform to enhance inter-ministerial, multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder cooperation, increase knowledge and understanding on circular economy, provide capacity building and technical assistance for the development of public policies for circular economy and sustainable consumption and production.

Vision 2030

Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean have started to move from a linear to a circular economy model, decoupling economic growth from environmental degradation and resource use, while improving human well-being, ecosystems regeneration and prosperity for all, contributing to the achievement of the Agenda 2030 and Paris Agreement.

Job Opportunity

🌱 Join the team to drive Green Jobs for Youth in Latin America and the Caribbean 🌎

The United Nations Environment Programme, UNICEF Latin America and the Caribbean, and the International Labour Organization (ILO) – Latin America and the Caribbean, are continuing to strengthen their joint mission and are seeking a candidate to lead our efforts in the region!

The call will be open until february 15, 2023, participate now!

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