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Member Countries

All the focal points of the Regional Council of Government Experts on Sustainable Consumption and Production will be members of the Coalition (supported and responding to the mandate of the Regional Forum of Ministers of the Environment of Latin America and the Caribbean). All other government representatives who send a formal notification to the Coordinator can be considered government members of the Coalition.


Ministro Carlos Correa




Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sostenible



Allies of the Private Sector

The private sector, referring to companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), business associations, and chambers of commerce, among others, can become allies of the Coalition.

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ANDI is made up of more than 1,300 companies that belong to 31 productive sectors (50% of national GDP) and has 13 regional headquarters, mainly in Medellin and Bogotá. Its strategic plan “Mega 2025” integrates important sustainability goals, including ambitious indicators in circular economy, climate change, and biodiversity. Belonging to the Coalition would allow promoting active participation of companies in the region in cross-sectional initiatives of circular economy, exchange of experiences and best practices from diverse productive sectors, creation of synergies in regional initiatives, exchange of knowledge, and in public policy matters.

We work to contribute to a sustainable and regenerative economic reactivation through the development of Circular Economy capacities. Check out ONDACIRCULAR for more information.

El Consejo Internacional de Asociaciones de Bebidas es la voz de la dinámica y diversa industria global de bebidas no alcohólicas. Los miembros de ICBA incluyen asociaciones de bebidas nacionales y regionales, así como compañías multinacionales de bebidas que operan en más de 200 países y territorios y producen, distribuyen y venden todas las categorías de bebidas no alcohólicas.

First Circular Fashion Market at Colombiamoda + Colombiatex 2023. Together, we promote the value of second chances. [Includes an image of the event logo]

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Allies of the Public Sector




Countries, multilateral and bilateral cooperation agencies, development banks and financial institutions can become Coalition donors and support the implementation of the work plan through financial contributions and/or joint efforts to mobilize resources.