Projects and Initiatives

Global Plastic Action Partnership

World Economic Forum’s platform

The Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP) is the World Economic Forum’s platform for translating plastic pollution commitments into concrete action. Co-founded by a coalition of public, private and international institutions, GPAP harnesses the convening power of the World Economic Forum to bring together governments, businesses, and civil society to translate commitments into action at both the global and national levels. With this effort GPAP proactively supports governments to develop national plastic action plans, preparing them well for a circular economy for plastics and potential requirements that may result from the globally binding treaty on plastic pollution.

New Plastic Economy

Ellen MacArthur Fundation

It aims to build momentum towards a functioning plastics system and focuses on dialogue mechanism, global plastics protocol, innovation, evidence base and stakeholder engagement.

Circular Plastics Program for the Americas

Union Europea

This Project is carried out in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Canada and aims to support the transition towards a circular economy of plastic, through dialogue and cooperation on circular solutions for the production and use of these materials.