Circular economy in Latin America and the Caribbean: opportunity for a transformative recovery

We invite you to read the new document “Circular Economy in Latin America and the Caribbean: Opportunity for a transformative recovery,” the latest from ECLAC. You will find a summary of the main advances in public policies on waste management in Latin America and the Caribbean and the challenges and opportunities derived from developing a circular economy model. Promoting the circular economy helps to achieve sustainable development, in line with the 2030 Agenda, by fostering progress in all its dimensions: social, economic, and environmental. The characteristics of the circular economy are analyzed, and it is pointed out that its inclusion in the national programs of Latin American and Caribbean countries would lay the foundations for recovery after the coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19).

Among the topics discussed were:

i) a review of international concepts and experiences on the circular economy and the benefits and barriers associated with its implementation.
ii) identification of the main challenges in implementing a circular model in Latin America and the Caribbean
iii) advances in the legislative framework regarding waste management in the region and examples of effective regulations
iv) a comparative analysis of the productive structures of the waste sector and its economic potentialities in selected countries
v) the main policy areas to focus on to move towards a circular development model.

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