Colombia Reuse Outlook Analysis of the Opportunities for Reuse to Tackle Plastic Pollution in Colombia

This study presents a comprehensive and user-friendly overview of reuse practices in Colombia. It aims to provide a clear understanding of the regulatory landscape and practical aspects related to reuse. The study delves into the current context, examines the experiences of various key stakeholders, explores existing reuse models, identifies beliefs, trends, barriers, opportunities, and assesses the needs and necessary steps to advance reuse at a larger scale in the mentioned country. By navigating through its pages, readers will gain valuable insights into the subject matter in a didactic and simplified manner. The study was an impartial initiative of the World Economic Forum, in partnership with the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), and UNEP.

Here is a brief list of the knowledge you can gain from it:

  • Reuse definitions and models
  • Reuse initiatives
  • Reuse value chain
  • Motivations for existing
    reuse initiatives
  • Reuse practices and trends
  • Market restrictions and barriers
  • Enablers and market opportunities

Download the publication here and for more information on this and related topics, please visit the Reuse Portal.