Report on the Status and Prospects of the Bioeconomy in Latin America and the Caribbean

This report, prepared by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) in collaboration with other organizations, aims to showcase the current state and prospects of bioeconomy in the region and serve as a resource for decision-making by policymakers, academics, support organizations, and civil society at large. It provides a detailed analysis of the bioeconomy in Latin America and the Caribbean, structured into three main sections: the current state and development prospects of the bioeconomy, the tools for its mobilization, and a special chapter on bio-enterprises.

The report highlights the urgency of mitigating the impact of climate change, emphasizing the need to establish harmonized global strategies to promote sustainable development.  It points out significant advances and ongoing challenges in the region, offering a solid foundation for awareness and decision-making in both public and private spheres. Furthermore, it explores how the bioeconomy has the potential to transform technological and productive sectors through precise definitions, development paths, and a comprehensive analysis of the bio-entrepreneurship environment.

Download here the report available for now only in Spanish.