Unlocking the Plastics Circular Economy: Case Studies on Investment

A substantial share of investments in plastic circularity has traditionally centered on downstream plastic management and recycling processes. Within these pages, is illustrated how capital from diverse sources is actively shaping the flow of plastic materials throughout the value chain, all with the overarching goal of enhancing their circularity.

The publication highlights established examples such as rPET infrastructure investments in Mexico, which benefited from multiple rounds of funding, as well as early-stage innovations backed by companies, such as reusable packaging and digital transactions for recyclable waste. Also included are high-potential examples, such as the SUNREF program that is scaling up renewable energy in Nigeria and the Indonesian government’s issuance of green bonds.

As an essential part of its work, the Global Plastics Action Partnership (GPAP) generates strategic tools and resources to facilitate investment in a circular economy for plastics. This document is an expanded version of an earlier series of case studies published in February 2022.

Download the publication here.