International Summit on Circular Economy Cordobá, Argentina

18AgoTodo el Día19International Summit on Circular Economy Cordobá, Argentina

Detalles del Evento

With the aim of promoting the transition to the Circular Economy in Cordoba, the BioCordoba Agency of the Municipality of Cordoba, will hold the International Circular Economy Summit to take forward innovative ideas and experiences.

The International Circular Economy Summit will be a meeting point where companies, governments, NGOs, funding agencies and experts will have the opportunity to inspire, energize and activate the community to promote the transition from a Linear Economy to a Circular Economy in Cordoba.

It will contribute to bring about more companies with positive social and environmental impact, and at the same time, it will be very useful to help raise awareness about serious environmental issues such as global warming and the depletion of natural resources, which are undoubtedly of urgent attention, not only locally, but also internationally.

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Hora (GMT-5)

Agosto 18 (Miércoles) - 19 (Jueves) Hora de Argentina