Circularity for Resilience and Jobs: Green Recovery Policies Are the Global Opportunity Today

14Jul06:3008:00Circularity for Resilience and Jobs: Green Recovery Policies Are the Global Opportunity Today

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Recovery policies implemented today offer the opportunity to restore, reset and rebalance our most important relationship with nature by addressing the causes of unsustainable consumption and production. A carefully managed transition to circularity will be critical to delivering on the SDGs, the Paris Agreement, and the biodiversity and pollution agendas. It will be essential to recover from the pandemic and to lift people out of poverty while staying within planetary boundaries.

The event will discuss the alignment of current recovery packages with SDG 12 goals and explore good examples of opportunities. The event aims to conclude with the most important global steps to scale up the circular economy for a sustainable future. Our panel of international leaders and experts will discuss the questions that matter.

  1. What are the biggest opportunities we are currently missing for an inclusive, green recovery? Where are we right now, are we on / off track, and what more needs to be done?
  2. In which sectors and value chains will we generate the biggest impact for resilience, jobs, and a pollution-free planet?  Where are the biggest gains to be had, and what are the leverage points?
  3. What are the barriers and incentives that need to be addressed? From a policy and finance perspective, what do we need to do differently? What incentives and economic policies are needed? And how can we make this happen?

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