World Circular Economy Forum - Latin America and the Caribbean's vision of the Circular Economy 2030

16Sep09:0010:00World Circular Economy Forum - Latin America and the Caribbean's vision of the Circular Economy 2030

Detalles del Evento

On September 16 (9 am EDT), join the event “Latin America and the Caribbean’s Vision for the Circular Economy 2030”, held on the sidelines of the World Circular Economy Forum 2021.  This session will present the region’s common vision for the Circular Economy until 2030 and how the action is being generated.

Panelists will present the specificities of the transition to the Circular Economy in LAC, as well as exemplify its economic opportunities and potential for innovation and job creation.

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  • Rolando Castro, Viceminister of Energy and Environmental Quality, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica
  • Javier Naranjo, Undersecretary of Environment, Ministry of Environment, Chile
  • Pablo Vega, Director, Center for Innovation and Circular Economy, Peru
  • Maria Jose Naranjo, Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Bancóldex
  • Nicole Stopfer, Director of the Regional Energy Security and Climate Change Program, KAS
  • Luisa Santiago, Executive Director for Latin America, Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF)


  • Adriana Zacarias, Coordinator of the Circular Economy Coalition for Latin America and the Caribbean, UNEP

This session will be developed in collaboration with the members of the Circular Economy Coalition and its strategic partners (Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF), Konrad Adenauer (KAS), the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the Climate Technology Center and Network (CTCN), the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), the World Bank (WB), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the World Bank (WB).

To learn more about the innovative ideas of our panelists, we share with you the link to the recording:

Now is the opportunity to move towards a circular and inclusive economy!


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(Jueves) 09:00 - 10:00