Sustainability and Circularity in the Textile Value Chain - A Global Roadmap

31May03:3004:45Sustainability and Circularity in the Textile Value Chain - A Global Roadmap

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Tomorrow 31st May UNEP will be launching its new report, Sustainability and Circularity in the Textile Value Chain. A Global Roadmap, at the World Circular Economy Forum 2023. The launch will be part of the session Wardrobe of the future: how to change the textiles and fashion industry. The event will pinpoint where the biggest impact can be made on the textiles and fashion ecosystem and touch upon policy issues, state-of-the-art research and interesting case studies. In addition, young designers will also share their sustainability messages with the influential WCEF crowd.

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The textile industry has a significant environmental impact, including resource consumption, water pollution, chemical use, waste generation, and carbon emissions. However, it also plays a crucial role in the economy as a substantial employer, an engine of economic growth, and a contributor to trade and exports. Balancing economic considerations with sustainable practices is essential to mitigate the environmental impact of the industry and create a more sustainable textile sector.

In this regard, it is vital to understand and outline what each stakeholder group in this sector can do individually and collectively to achieve the shared destiny of a circular textile sector. Hence, this global roadmap identifies three priorities: changing consumption patterns, improving practices, and investing in infrastructure. These priorities are interconnected and require significant effort. To facilitate this, the roadmap breaks down the work into nine building blocks, providing priority actions for each stakeholder group.

This work is the result of extensive research and consultation with over 140 stakeholders in the textile value chain.


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