Seminar of Circular Economy Metrics to Accelerate the Circular Economy

02Sep09:0012:00Seminar of Circular Economy Metrics to Accelerate the Circular Economy

Detalles del Evento

The Circular Economy (CE) has been the subject of intense seminars, conferences, courses, and webinars for about five years now. There is still no clear and consensual definition of what comprises the Circular Economy, nor of key concepts such as circularity and circular management and performance, nor of the steps to apply it in a practical way that is still being discussed internationally.

This seminar addresses this knowledge gap from a theoretical and practical perspective and invites reflection on the potential linkages between the Circular Economy, sustainable management programs, and performance. The seminar also explores the opportunities offered by the Circular Economy in relation to the trends and challenges that are emerging worldwide under the umbrella of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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First part: Conceptual and Methodological Framework (9:00 am-11:00 am Chile). 

The vision of International Organizations on the Circular Economy and its link with other methodologies related to initiatives and trends that these organizations promote or have promoted in the world, both in alignment with other organizations, institutions, and individuals.


  • Natalia Correa
    Head of Circular Economy Enel
  • Guillermo González
    Head of Circular Economy Office Ministry of Environment
  • Claudia Peña
    EPD® LATAM Hub, Life Cycle Initiative (hosted by UNEP)
  • Nydia Suppen
    Co-Director of HUB EPD® LATAM and ISO representative
  • Ignacio Sanchez
    Program Officer for the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP
  • Sven-Ölof Ryding
    IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute
  • Walter Jager
    ECD Compliance, WG Circularity Indicators ISO TC 323
  • Ke Wang
    Knowledge Manager, World Resource Institute PACE


Second part: Application of Complementary Methodologies (11:00 am – 12:00 am Chile).

Experiences and successful cases of application of measurement methodologies. Learnings, Opportunities, Challenges of the implementation and use of tools such as LCA, LCSA, EPD in the process of analysis of circular strategies and implementation of initiatives for the Circular Economy.


Third part: Final Reflections. Opportunities for the industry. (12:00 am -12:30 am. Chile).


  • Alex Godoy
    Director of the Sustainability and Strategic Resource Management Research Center, Faculty of Engineering, Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD).
  • Edmundo Muñoz
    Director of Postgraduate and Continuing Education, Faculty of Life Sciences, Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB).




Hora (GMT-5)

(Jueves) 09:00 - 12:00 (GMT - 4:00) Chile