Julio, 2022

27JulTodo el DíaInfraestructura de Calidad, comercio y acuerdos medioambientales

Detalles del Evento

Mesopartner in collaboration with ONAC (National Accreditation Body of Colombia) invites you to this webinar where you will learn how Quality Infrastructure can be used to meet obligations while promoting trade-related interests from a legal and regulatory framework conducive to the transition to a circular economy.

Do not miss the opportunity to gain experience in how Quality Infrastructure can be key to fulfilling the obligations of the Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreements simultaneously and without conflict.

The event will take place within the framework of the Talks with Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke space and will feature international panelists from Argentina, Peru, and Colombia.

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Hora (GMT-5)

Todo el Día (Miércoles) 10:00 Hora de Bogota (GMT-05) / 11:00 Hora de Chile