Golden Design Rules webinar for Latam

01JulTodo el DíaGolden Design Rules webinar for Latam

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Did you know that there are already leading companies committed to making design changes to reduce their plastic waste and facilitate recycling at scale? Do you want to know how? With the support of SystemiQ, the Consumer Goods Forum is organizing a webinar for Latam on developing the nine golden rules of plastic redesign launched in 2021.

The event will discuss how companies use these rules to accelerate the circularity of plastics and how they can be relevant to your organization through voluntary, collective and ambitious changes.

Learn more about the Golden Design rules by reading their full version.

Open enrollment! Sign up here and be part of the change.

Relive the event here. Access Passcode: !Jc@8KP1




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Todo el Día (Viernes) 10:00 Hora de Colombia (GMT-05) / 11:00 hora de Chile