Marzo, 2022

02MarTodo el DíaMacroeconomic effects of the transition to the Circular Economy in Latin American countries

Detalles del Evento

We know that the circular economy is a development strategy that transforms and regenerates the planet, but to what extent does this transition generate impacts on variables such as GDP, employment, the trade balance, and greenhouse gas emissions? The EUROCLIMA+ Program, with the support of the European Union in the framework of COP25, presents the study “Modeling of the macroeconomic effects of the transition to the circular economy in Latin America.”

The macroeconomic model will be presented based on four economic sectors: energy, plastic, metal materials and construction materials in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, countries that make up the Pacific Alliance. This event will feature the participation of decision-makers from the region, who will discuss the results of the transformation towards a circular economy and how to implement them in public politics to maximize benefits.

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Hora (GMT-5)

Todo el Día (Miércoles) 10:00 Hora de Bogota (GMT-05) / 11:00 Hora de Chile