Biomimicry, Green Chemistry and the Circular Economy

13Sep05:0405:04Biomimicry, Green Chemistry and the Circular Economy

Detalles del Evento

The UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) invites you to this circular economy event where Professor John Warner, father of green and sustainable chemistry, proposes the criteria to consider in the design of technological ecosystems where products and processes industries sustainably work hand in hand through the application of biomimetics and green chemistry.

The event will be moderated by Andrea Hinwood, scientific director, and will feature an exhibition space followed by a debate and a question-and-answer session.

El evento será moderado por Andrea Hinwood, directora científica, y  contará con un espacio de exposiciones seguida de un debate y una sesión de preguntas y respuesta

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Hora (GMT-5)

(Martes) 05:04 - 05:04 07:00 Hora de Colombia (GMT-05) / 08:00 hora de Chile