A Partnership to Accelerate the Circular Economy

21Jun14:0016:00A Partnership to Accelerate the Circular Economy

Detalles del Evento

Starting June 21, 2023, the Circular Economy Coalition for Latin America and the Caribbean will hold a series of regional workshops in strategic collaboration with the European Union’s Switch to Green program, with the central objective of developing national plans and roadmaps for the transition and implementation towards more circular economic models in the region.


The Coalition is committed to supporting the countries of the region in their transition to a more circular economy. For this reason, the purpose of these meetings is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences on these issues and, in this sense, seek to strengthen collaboration, generate strategic alliances, and create a basis for common action in the long term. This will foster continuous exchange among the participating countries, as well as generate an environment of trust and regional cooperation.

The workshops will include the participation of Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, and Uruguay, representing a unique opportunity to drive the transition to a more circular economy in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Note: as this is a national exchange event, it will be open to representatives from the countries mentioned above.


Hora (GMT-5)

(Miércoles) 14:00 - 16:00 14:00 Panamá Time