The Latin America and Caribbean Circular Economy Coalition aims to provide a regional platform to enhance inter-ministerial, multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder cooperation, increase knowledge and understanding on circular economy, provide capacity building and technical assistance for the development of public policies for circular economy and sustainable consumption and production.

The Coalition is an open platform. Any interested institution, organization, NGO, and government can join as a member of the Coalition according to their interest, work, and scope on the circular economy. Such participation is voluntary and does not represent any legal commitment, nor a membership fee.

Types of membership

Get involved

The aim of the Coalition is to bring Circular Economy into action in the region.  To do so, priority areas were identified and corresponding working groups were set up.  As you join the Coalition we invite you to join a working group and take action.

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How to apply to become part of the Coalition

For Affiliate Organizations and Initiatives,
Private Sector Allies and Donors

To become part of the coalition the interested party shall complete the application form down bellow and attach an endorsement letter by its legal representative, CEO, or regional/ national representative.

For the endorsement letter the template enclosed may be used.

The members of the Steering Committee will evaluate the applications and approve or reject, based on the criteria listed above. New members will be admitted on a quaterly basis.  Once approved, further information with regards to communication and logo use,  amongst others, will be sent and the members will be listed on the Coalition’s website.

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