Construir vecindarios circulares: un documento de reflexión

El Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente, junto con ARUP, BASE, C40 cities, la fundación Ellen MacArthur, el grupo Mass design, la ciudad de México y el…

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Universal Circular Economy Policy Goals (2021)

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has set out five universal circular economy policy goals that provide a framework for national governments, cities and businesses to create a transition that fosters innovation and decouples growth from finite resource consumption and environmental degradation.

Why we need universal circular economy policy goals

As governments and industries around the globe move towards a circular economy, it’s key to align ambitions and create a common direction of travel.

The five goals provide a blueprint for co-operation – we need to work together across the private and public sectors to make them effective.

The goals recognise that the relevant policies are interconnected – this will help avoid the creation of a patchwork of fragmented solutions. If we can align nationally and internationally, we can reduce friction across borders and lower costs. Close co-operation also minimises the risk of individual policy measures remaining isolated in a wider, unchanged economic system that’s based on a linear ‘take-make-waste’ approach.


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